Organization & Change management in

A leading international IT consultancy firm


After an in depth analysis of the organization we noticed that, because of fast and organic growth there was a need for Human Capital management, organizational excellence, a clear and transparent vision & strategy, a Leadership program and a communication plan. These requirements would initiate a lot of change within the organization that in itself would require to be managed.


To determine the change strategy an analysis of the actual requirements of the organization had to be made. Extensive interviews were organized with about 30 people to get a better insight in the potential worries and concerns of the organization.

Communication sessions and workshops were organized to discuss the findings of the study. During an intensive management seminar, action plans, prioritization and a methodology to follow-up and guard the continuity were defined. The whole organization was actively involved and informed improving the acceptability of the changes.

Change can only be accepted in an organization if it is supported and defended by the complete management team. In this context bringing the members of the management team closer together was a priority before implementing the actual change.

Change was facilitated on the following levels :

Strategy : workshops on defining the vision, mission and strategy of the company

Structure : defining the roles and responsibilities required by the organization

Culture : evaluate the values of the company and make them work within the organization

Leadership : improving people management on all levels

Innovation : defining a model to stimulate and structure innovation

HR processes : optimization of the HR processes in the context of a people-centric organization

Communication : optimize communication ensuring involvement and commitment

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