HR Consulting in

A major retailer in the Belgian market


In the context of an ad interim HR business partner role for different e-commerce business units, multiple ongoing group projects had to be implemented. These projects concentrated on roles and responsibilities, leadership, mission & values and strategy.


During an initial phase, the credibility of the management team within the organization had to be measured. This credibility was required to ensure that changes initiated by this management would be accepted by the entire organization.

Sub-projects around Management Availability (time management) and Communication have been initiated to achieve this goal and improve the impact of the managers on their people. Also the impact of a re-organization in the management team had to be dealt with.

Leadership workshops were organized in a top-down approach based on the corporate leadership model of the company. These workshops were accompanied by individual coaching sessions where required.

During worksessions, actionplans were created to enforce the way in which the mission & values of the company could be better applied in the different levels of the organization.

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