Organizations are constantly looking for new ways and strategies of achieving superior results and competitive advantages. To accomplish that goal we will explore areas such as management structure, your leadership style, employee competences, strategy, communication strategy, … We will help you and your organization develop your vision, strategy, …  and map out clear step-by-step plans and actions that inspire and build commitment.


People have a natural resistance to change. In a business context, continuous change of processes, technologies and even strategies is a given. The objective of Change Management is to eliminate this tension. People have to be prepared to accept changes, apply them, give direction and support changes. We will create communication and engagement strategies that build real momentum to be succesful.

By applying our Change Management Methodology we support :

The acceptance and implementation of organisational changes

The management of individual issues with process changes

Managers to take up responsibility in facilitating the changes


To get to an effective, measurable and supportable definition of a (business unit or corporate) strategy, UMN developed a methodology that facilitates the process to strategy building. Also after the strategy has been defined, UMN can assist during the implementation of the strategic goals.  It is clear that change management is closely related.

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