Starting a new consulting practice in organisation, change and personal development was a dream. Now that the dream came true, the challenge arises. What would make you listen to what we have to say? 

If it is about people: we have the best. If it is about experience: we have loads of it. If it is about personal coaching of your employees, we have our experienced coaches to do so. But is this all enough to make you listen?

It shouldn’t be. Being successful in these areas also requires feeling, dedication, passion and added value in every contact, every assignment, every project. And above all the guts to do it in the way you strongly believe in.

So what do we believe in …

First of all we believe in ourselves. Every member of UMN has his or her own successful (hi)story in change, coaching, training programs or other services we deliver. Secondly, we believe in the value of our job. We all witnessed what the effects can be of what we do to your organisation.

Now what makes us different from our competitors …

We are convinced that differentiating should not be done by defining what you do, not even by how you do it (at least not in the first place), but why you do it. And our answer on that question is very clear, it’s the reason why we are in the market and the reason why we believe to have a different approach that works. Our answer to that question is … because humans matter. 

In all of our offerings we put the human being central. Persons are not just important components out of which your organisation is built. No, much more important, people are the capital of your organisation and deserve to be treated alike.

So if our story interests you. If you are also a strong believer in people and want to invest in it, let’s sit together and discuss what we could mean for each other …. Because humans matter!